Commercial Contracts Trailblazer | 

Procurement Contracts Lifecycle Champion | 

Relationship Manager |


Armed Security Services

Electronic Fulfillment

Robotics Pharmaceutical Dispensary System

Enterprise Procurement | Sales Contract Management System


Security, Legal, Facilities, Broker

Executive Sponsor, Stakeholder, PM, Legal, Finance

Senior Executive, Directors, Legal, Finance

Executive Sponsors, Stakeholders, IT, Sales, Procurement, Finance, Legal

Empowering Teams

Ensured appropriate coverages

Resolved improve  vendor performance

After Go-Live negotiations

Design, Configure, Test, Go-Live


  • Employees, customers, bystanders, and security force protected from harm

  • Improved vendor performance 

  • Go-Live launch achieved zero errors

  • Equitable allocation of risk

  • Substantial reduction in fees and costs

  • Designed, developed, document business and technical requirements

  • Sourced | Negotiated

  • Configured, Tested, Deployed

Mindfulness | Clarity

"…doesn’t miss a detail, consistently asks insightful questions, ensuring all perspectives and aspects are considered while focusing on the strategic objectives...”


“…deep understanding of evolving customer needs and delivers solutions, creating positive customer experience…”


“…Excellent customer service…”

Global View | Local Focus

“…a true professional who is able to build collaboration among groups in complex negotiations…”


“…Keen understanding of business culture, values, and objectives…”


“…establishes trust through responsiveness and expertise...”


Insightful | Leader

“…leads stakeholders in negotiations to eliminate or mitigate risk…”


“…puts in place the right level of process and always demonstrated diligence when closing deals…”


“…holds herself accountable to ethical, legal, and regulatory standards…”




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